About Wealth Forecast Pacific

Wealth Forecast Pacific is a website about marketing, business and the life experiences of Charlie Levels. Charlie currently lives in San Francisco.


He started out his career in business and marketing while working under Hal Riney and his agency Riney. He knew he wanted to work in the advertising world after seeing one of Hal’s advertisements. He searched and searched to find out who the genius was behind the ad.

He he found it was Hal Riney, he was lucky enough to learn Hal was living in San Francisco at the time. It took a few months for Hal to give Charlie a chance. When he did, he let Charlie start out working in the mail room. This seemed to be a good place for Charlie to learn the ins and outs of the advertising world.

For 20 years Charlie would call Riney home. That was until 2006 when he ventured off on his own. He wanted to relax and enjoy his life. Although he loved working in the advertising world, he needed some time to enjoy his life.

And that’s what this website and blog is about. Charlie and his experiences in life and in advertising and marketing.

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