Advertising, It All Starts With TV, Print and Radio

A few weeks ago I was in a furniture store looking for a new sofa. During my time in the store I noticed a dapper looking man. He looked like he worked there. So I asked him about this specific sofa I was looking at.

He had no idea what the sofa was and told me he was not a salesman at the store. It was shocking because he sure looked like it! When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was waiting to speak with the business owner.

He went on to tell me he was a salesman for a local group of magazines and he was trying to sell the owner on advertising space in upcoming issues. Now based on my career in advertising, I wanted to pick this salesman brain about advertising in 2014.

I was more curious to ask him about how things are going in regards to the internet and how businesses are focusing on spending money and time advertising their products there.

He said it was big part of the advertising and marketing mix. But he also said this day and age your business has to been seen everywhere. That includes on TV, in print publications, on the radio and all over the internet.

But he said something that really resonated with me.

“It all starts in the media”.

What did he mean by that?

He went onto to say many people get their inspiration for something they want to purchase by either watching TV, reading a magazine or by listening to the radio. Now although viewership, listenership and readership is down across all platforms, people still are listening, watching and reading those mediums.

With that, people get inspired for a new home renovation, vacation or even a new sofa like the one I was looking for. He asked me what brought me into this particular furniture store and where the idea I needed a new sofa came from.

I told him I was watching and episode of Mad Men and that I really loved mid century modern design furniture. This is where my aha moment came!

He was totally right. It all starts with media.

Because I got inspired by Mad Men, I then went to the internet to search for local modern furniture stores. I came across a list of 4 places and viewed their online stock. When I saw a sofa I liked, I then came into the store.

So sure, I found out about this business online by doing a search. The idea I needed a new sofa came from the show Mad Men which is on TV.

This can also work by viewing content on a related channel. For example, there are endless amounts of home renovation, interior design and show talking about homes on the DIY Network and Home and Garden Television. Watching any of the content on these shows might have also inspired me I needed a new sofa, kitchen or even patio for the upcoming summer.

I ended up talking the magazine salesman for about an hour. In the end I really saw the light. Even though the internet was everywhere and people were always searching for something to buy, they mostly got their inspiration for that purchase by watching TV, reading a magazine or by listening to the radio.

In the end, it all starts with advertising and media.

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