Business and career in automotive field

Automotive_fieldThere are numerous opportunities in the automotive career that are ripe for the picking. They range from working in a car factory to working in a car dealership. Some of these may require academic qualifications or prior experience in a particular field, but there are just as many that one can take up immediately upon completing high school. Additionally, there are also opportunities for those that want to start or own a small business.

Career Opportunities
One place to find a career in the automotive industry is in car dealerships. Dealerships require numerous employees on the daily. Some people opt for car sales representative jobs. A car sales representative helps potential buyers find what they are looking for at a price they are comfortable with. Such jobs work on commission and the pay may vary depending on how many cars a person is able to sell in a given week. Other careers in this field include auto mechanics, detailing cars, or in bodywork. Mechanics work on the instruments or the motor when they fail to work as required. Bodywork entails fixing paint issues and dents on the car exterior. Detailing, on the other hand, involves getting the interior of the car clean such that it is ready to show to customers. Almost all dealerships are under a management team that runs all these different departments. The department manager is usually a person that has worked in the automotive industry for a number of years and therefore understands all that a car may require to ensure it is roadworthy. This position is typically only handed to persons that have taken business classes or have the relevant university background.

Factory Work
Working in a factory is another kind of job in the automotive industry. Factory workers utilize heavy machinery to construct automotive parts for different companies. Employees usually work in an assembly line and make a car from start to finish. Factory work is often grueling and loud and the pace is quite fast but the salary is often very good, particularly in the production of exotic or expensive cars. At the same time, factory work comes with very little bureaucracy as compared to management jobs in the automotive industry.

Business Opportunities
There are also many business owners that work in the automotive industry. Some go on to open their own used car dealerships. Others liaise with dealerships and repair, or maintain vehicles in such aspects as custom body paint, interior repair, or dent repair. Some of these businesses deal with accessories. Accessories are a major part of the automotive industry as these include designer seats, custom parts, and car stereos. With the many careers and business opportunities there are in the automotive industry Book practical test, the salary will vary depending on the specific task. The jobs with the highest pay out are those in mechanics, car sales, and in management. Education and training in a specific field goes a long way in helping one determine what aspect they would like to immerse themselves in, and in the pay that they are likely to receive.

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