Coin Dealers In Fort Myers Florida

Do you have a collection of coins and are looking to make a little bit of money from some of the ones that you no longer need? Or have you found a coin that you believe to be rare but you have no idea of its true value?

If either is the case then you should head down to The Coin and Jewelry Exchange so that you can get your items appraised and find out just how much they will be worth to you. We are an expert Coin dealer Fort Myers that has many years of experience in the industry, which means that you can be sure that you will get an honest appraisal from a trustworthy source.

So why come to use with your coin questions? Here are just a few reasons why we are the perfect solution for you.

We Buy Quick 

We aren’t simply appraisers of the value of coins – we are also massive enthusiasts who want to improve our own stock and offer as many coins to our customers as possible.

This means that we are constantly buying coins to offer to our customers, and will pay cash for any that you bring into our store that we determine to have sufficient value for collectors. Furthermore, we also have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal so in most cases you won’t need to wait for any research to be done before you can start making money from your coin collection.

We Do House Visits 

While we have a dedicated store, which is one of the hallmarks of a truly trustworthy coin dealer, we also recognize that no everybody will be able to make it down to see us, for whatever reason.

This is why we offer a home visiting service where we come to see you so that you can get your collection appraised. Using this service you can see us whenever it is most convenient to you, rather than having to arrange to come and visit us.

We Are Part of the Professional Numismatics Guild 

The biggest problem that many coin dealers face is finding somebody who is trustworthy and can be held accountable for the valuations that they put on various pieces.

As we are members of the Professional Numismatics Guild you can not only guarantee that we have the expertise required to join such a prestigious organization but that we are also held accountable for our business practices, ensuring that you get an honest appraisal at all times.

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