Internet Marketing – The Future

My last post was about why advertising starts with print, TV and radio. That post wasn’t supposed to come across as that’s the only way to advertise your business. Far from it.

There are hundreds of ways of you can advertise and market your business. Far cheaper ones then putting and ad on TV, in a magazine or on a radio station. Those are great options if you have the cash flow. Many business don’t have that cash flow. Does yours? If not, you should really look into online advertising.

There are numerous places you can advertise online.

1) In the search engines

2) On relevant websites

3) On local websites

It’s all pretty cheap to do so as well. You can either pay per impression, pay per clicks or a new mthod of payment is called pay per acquisition.

Obviously the most effective way to go is cost per acquisition. This means you tell Google or any other search engine how much you want to pay for a conversion. This gives you full control over how much you want to pay. And you only pay when a conversion is made. This is by far the best way to go. No waster clicks or website visitors that cost you money. Only time you’ll be charged is when you get a conversion.

Back in my advertising days, I could never imagine only being paid for when someone converted into a client for our clients. The advertising industry is totally based off impressions. No matter if it’s print, radio or TV, there are a lot of people watching, listening and reading those mediums.

Because of that we could get away with charging the client a lot of the work. They were already paying a lot to have their ads placed on those mediums. But without properly advertising too them, they’d waste their money. So our service was a necessity.

But I honestly think that the future is internet marketing. More people are spending more time in from of their desktop computers and smart phones then they are watching TV. This causes a big problem for agencies like Wieden + Kennedy. Can they along with the mediums adapt to their targeted audience as they move away from TV, print and radio? Agencies surely won’t be able to charge as much as they use to. Many agencies will fail to adapt to this new world of marketing and advertising online.

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