Storage Solution For New Businesses

Last week I was on vacation in Victoria BC. It was a cool city to visit, especially in the winter. It’s right next to the water and it had the feel of a Northern California town.

In fact, Fox broadcasting filmed a show there called Gracepoint which is supposed to set place in a small Northern California town. This wasn’t the main reason I choose Victoria as a winter destination. I wanted to head to Canada because of the cheap exchange rates. I have to believe this is a big reason why Americans like myself travel to Canada. Not to sell the country short on it’s beauty and friendly people. But we can find that almost anywhere.

But there is one thing I noticed a lot of in Victoria. And that was the amount of entrepreneurs. Many were contractors who used their homes and there offices. It’s a smart idea really. Instead of renting a space and storing items there, they just used their homes as storage facilities. But none of them had built storage sheds. Instead, they used a Victoria storage facilities mobile storage units and just placed them in their front yards.

Normally the storage facility will pick up the unit and move it back to their facility. This wasn’t the case for many contractors up in Victoria. It’s smart for everyone really. The contractor saves the time and money from building an add on tool shed for their home. The storage facility gets free advertising as their name, address and phone number are plastered all over the unit. Which is smart advertising. Not only are people paying for the unit, but they’re also advertising for the facility. Outside of clothing brands, there’s not many businesses that can say this happens.

Anyways, I just thought I would mention what a great benefits using a mobile storage company like this one can be. Especially if you are new business owner and are trying to keep costs down when you are just starting out. This isn’t just for contractors too. Anyone with a home based business that is running out of storage space could use these mobile storage units.

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